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Welcome to Aero Parts Direct

We are a dedicated aviation parts supplier and logistics service company. The principal aim of Aero Parts Direct and it’s staff is to source and supply the components or services required for aircraft in an AOG (“aircraft on ground”) situation.

Every second that a plane sits on the tarmac in need of repair incurs more cost for airlines and ultimately can result in disgruntled passengers. It is estimated that an AOG can cost an airline £150,000 per hour.

The term “AOG” is universally recognized throughout the airline/aviation industries. Due to the exorbitant cost of an AOG situation, it is common practice for competitive airlines to mutually support each other (sharing spare parts, tools & manpower) to minimize the duration and domino effect that can occur if an aircraft operator is required to provision their own resources. (i.e., in emergency situations where aircraft are grounded due to technical failures) in the shortest possible time. We utilise our worldwide part supply chain and expertise to take the headache out of the equation for you, reducing technical delays.


Make Aero Parts Direct a dedicated member of your supply chain.


Dedicated and knowledgeable 24/7 AOG managers who will deal with all customer services (exchanges, loans, AOGs etc.)

Logistics management

Our team will plan, implement, and control the related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer’s requirements.

Aircraft parts

Genuine worldwide location of spares for most airline manufacturers.


Structured, predictable costs with a variety of finance/payment methods.


Hire and sales of all required tooling and equipment.

Loans, hires and sales

Loans, hire and sales of all parts to get your aircraft back in the air.

At Aero Parts Direct, we specialise in the following:

  • The sourcing of required parts

  • Sales, loans & hire of parts

  • The hire and purchase of all tooling

  • AOG logistics & delivery

  • Project management

Aircraft on Ground or AOG is a term in aviation maintenance indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. Generally there is always a rush to acquire the parts to put the aircraft (A/C) back into service, and prevent further delays or cancellations of the planned itinerary. AOG applies to any aviation materials or spare parts that are needed immediately for an aircraft to return to service. APD refer qualified personnel and dispatch the parts required to repair the aircraft for an immediate return to service.

When an aircraft “goes AOG” and materials required are not on hand, parts and personnel must be driven, flown, or sailed to the location of the “grounded A/C”. Usually the problem is escalated through an internal AOG Desk, then the Manufacturer’s AOG Desk, and finally competitors’ AOG desks. Thankfully, at APD we can take care of every aspect for you.

AOG personnel are trained to “loan” or “borrow” spare parts from other air carriers, per FAA/EASA etc. regulations. AOG personnel work in conjunction with their carriers’ maintenance operations department, supporting aircraft maintenance with all parts or material requests very rapidly. There are two ways of achieving this: by local engineering support or by support flown out base.

Our #1 priority is to get you back in the air quickly and safely.


We have over 80 years of airline industry experience and expertise. You can trust us to get your aircraft back in the skies swiftly, where it belongs.

Thomas Hannah


Co-founder of Aero Parts Direct Thomas has over 10 years in the aviation industry and over 30 years in the business sector.Thomas began his aviation career providing cosmetic interiors to Polar Air Cargo which has expanded into a commerical aviation cleaning company serving the United Kingdom at over seven major airports. Previous client list includes Ryanair, Jet 2, Loganair, Polarair & Swiftair.

Robert Keir

Director & Aircraft maintenance technician

Co-founder of Aero Parts Direct Robert is a highly qualified aeronautical engineer Robert holds the FAA A&P certificate, is qualified on 747-400/300/200/100, 737 new generation and the classics, MD11, DC10 and holds certification and surveillance for IASA and FAR 145 approvals. He brings extensive international experience in base and line maintenance, wealth of knowledge and aviation expertise to the team.

John Hamilton


John brings over ten years of aviation experience in complete aircraft refurbishment serving commerical and military aircraft within Europe. John has extensive experience in aircraft parts supply having established partnerships with EASA and FAA component management as well as a worldwide network of approved suppliers including parts supply from original equipment manufacturers.


We supply to all major airlines and aircraft models

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